Walmart Data Ventures

Level 1 sponsor

Walmart Data Ventures commercialized – and democratized – Walmart data to deliver a single source of truth, giving merchandisers and suppliers the same picture of category health and consumer trends with unprecedented scale. Walmart Luminate is Walmart’s proprietary suite of data products within Data Ventures. It delivers actionable, customer-centric insights to empower merchants AND their supplier partners to make better business decisions. The Walmart Luminate platform is comprised of three products: Shopper Behavior; Customer Perception; and Channel Performance. Shopper Behavior enables suppliers to drill down into the profiles and behaviors of their category and brand shoppers. Suppliers get access to detailed reports about loyalty, switching, benchmarking, basket pairing and substitutions and more. Customer Perception unlocks access to a panel of verified Walmart shoppers for on-demand customer feedback. Through this tool, suppliers can facilitate in-depth interviews and conduct user testing and concept testing. And finally, Channel Performance enables insights into supplier performance across channels – think omnichannel sales, inventory optimization and forecasting.