Now picture the 75,000 meetings we'll be facilitating at Shoptalk 2024. Wow! Meetup is back, bigger and better than ever. Get ready for the return of the largest and most advanced way to forge new connections to ever exist in retail.

Maximize your time

Meetup takes the guesswork out of networking, removing the risk of wasted minutes by providing you with a sophisticated platform to clearly define your needs and identify the perfect people with whom to meet. The outcome? Months' worth of meetings packed into three productive days.

You’re in control

Say goodbye to speculative connections, and hello to meaningful ones. With both parties required to opt-in to any given meeting, rest assured that you and the person sitting on the other side of the table are there because each of you recognizes the potential of that connection to be transformative for your businesses.

Free with your ticket

Every single ticket to Shoptalk includes complimentary access to Meetup.

Proven ROI

We launched Meetup at Shoptalk in March 2023 to widespread acclaim. Of the 50,000 meetings that took place, 90% were rated positively. You simply won’t find this level of ROI and scale anywhere else.

Astonishing how organized even with that many people! Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry
Excellent program! CNBC
Loved Meetup, all meetings were amazing. Inmar Intelligence
I enjoyed the conversations enormously. Red Wing Shoe Company
Terrific! Circle Commerce
The fact that you are offering this is great! BMO Capital Markets
This was not my primary purpose in attending Shoptalk but I gave it a try and I found it valuable. Boston Consulting Group
It's BRILLIANT! Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
I was impressed by the logistics. Super easy! Lands' End
This was a great add Marlin Equity Partners
I derived a ton of value from the meetups. Unilever plc
Keep it going! Nextdoor
So well planned! Bravo! Amazon
I was happy to see it was so casual and easy. The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
Wow, I met some amazing people there. Petticoat Lane
This was an amazing experience, all conferences should replicate!! Heights
Stellar. GoodRx
Highly valuable. CreatorIQ
Well worth it. Under Armour, Inc
Keep it up. Any chance to add more? Ariadne Maps Gmbh

Why participate in Meetup? With Meetup, you’ll have access to efficient networking and collaboration across every use case:

Connect with new and familiar faces including clients, vendors, partners and friends

Meet potential customers and partners, including retailers and brands

Buy, sell and discover products, services and solutions

Uncover the newest and hottest startups

Launch products, make announcements and share news

Participate in media and analyst interviews

Fund startups

Raise capital

Reach out to potential acquirers or acquisition targets

Recruit and hire or find a job

Make new friends

Have another business need? You can do that too

Shoptalk - Hosted Retailers & Brands Program

What about Shoptalk’s world famous Hosted Retailers & Brands Program?

Our Hosted Program lives on as part of the wider Meetup experience, providing complimentary tickets to Shoptalk to qualified retailers and brands.


How can I get involved in Meetup?

Meetup is open to all Shoptalk attendees (at no additional cost), and will facilitate more than 75,000 double opt-in 15-minute on-site meetings. It is the best way to meet everyone you want to meet at Shoptalk 2024.

To participate, just get your ticket and complete the pre-event process leading up to the event (more on that below!). Get ready to meet new people, discover new organizations and create incredible new opportunities at the biggest meetings program ever held in the retail industry. You don’t want to miss it!

Shoptalk Meetup

How does Meetup's pre-event process work?

Four weeks before Shoptalk starts, we’ll reach out to guide you step-by-step through a simple process to participate in Meetup:

  • Step 1: Profile Completion. Complete your profile, letting all participants know about you, your organization and your goals.
  • Step 2: Meeting Selection & Opt-In. Review thousands of profiles and select who you want to meet with–use filters, lists and searches to make it easy. Thousands of other attendees will be doing the same. Then opt-in to the meeting requests you receive.
  • Step 3: Meeting Acceptance & Scheduling. After you review and accept your meetings, we’ll automatically schedule them and send you calendar invites.

Then, simply join your meetings onsite. And remember, all meetings are double opt-in, guaranteeing you'll only meet people you want to meet who also want to meet you.


Where and when is Meetup?

Your Meetup meetings will take place:

  • Monday, March 18, 2024 at 10:40am-12:15pm and 1:30pm-3:05pm PST
  • Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at 10:20am-11:55am and 2:35pm-3:50pm PST

Located in the dedicated Meetup area near the Exhibit Hall.

*Timing is subject to change