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ReturnGO is a technology company addressing the ecommerce industry returns challenges and building an AI-driven platform that puts a focus on merchant profitability. In addition to improving Merchants' bottom line, ReturnGO increases customer retention and average order value for lower reverse logistics costs.

The ReturnGO return management platform encourages customers to exchange products or receive store credits instead of requesting refunds via proprietary AI algorithms. These efforts lead to higher customer lifetime value and better financial performance.

ReturnGO has been one of the most popular return solutions since it launched late 2020. Over 1,500 merchants around the world use ReturnGO. Whether they are global brands such as Decathlon and Tupperware or category leaders such as Orthofeet, ReturnGO provides remarkable value to merchants of all sizes.

We maintain the highest customer satisfaction in our category through both this value and our unparalleled 24/7 customer service, and will be expanding our partnerships with e-commerce platforms through 2022.