3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

We recommend using the Shark Reef Aquarium as your Uber/Lyft drop-off point for easy access to the South Convention Center.

Airport Distance

The airport is approximately 10 minutes to Mandalay Bay by car.


The main self-parking structure is located on the west side of the building and can be accessed via Hacienda or Frank Sinatra Way. Our Convention Center parking garage is located on the south end of the building and can be accessed via Las Vegas Boulevard or Russell Road.

Vehicles that are self-parked at any MGM Resorts parking facility for longer than one hour will be subject to a parking fee. The self-parking fee is $9.00 for vehicles parked between 1-2 hours, $12.00 parked between 2-4 hours and $15.00 for vehicles parked between 4-24 hours at Mandalay Bay and Delano.

Emergency Guide

Please ensure that you and all your team members have access to a copy of the venue’s emergency procedures document and evacuation map.

Restaurants (Recommended to Book Early)

Restaurants in Mandalay Bay

Restaurants in Vegas

Map of Mandalay Bay

Click here to view a map of the Mandalay Bay Resort.

For convenient navigation, an interactive map of Shoptalk event spaces will become available on our mobile app in the days leading up to the event dates.

Walking Distance

Mandalay Bay hotel towers to Shoptalk is a 7-8 minute walk.