Iksula Inc.

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Iksula is a leading eCommerce solutions provider for brands and retailers globally. Providing a broad and seamless range of technology and operations solutions to make your business stay ahead. Over four decades of eCommerce experience, we assist over a dozen billion dollar companies in managing their eCommerce technology and operations by providing the following expertise:

eCommerce Solutions Expertise
Technology & Software Engineering Expertise
Technology Frameworks
Products - Athena: Content Stack: Formatting Checks, Dictionary Checks, Backlist Checks, Syntax and Guidelines Checks, Comparisons and References, Consistency Checks
Management & Inventory Management System, Advanced promotions which can be configured as per brand need, Agile and flexible platform for quick time to market, Easy integration with third party platform, scalable, secure, and reliable platform hosted on AWS, Pre-integrated with SMS gateway, multiple Payment Gateways & Courier Partners