Steph Liu

Founder & CEO

Levitate Foundry

Steph Liu is the founder of Levitate Foundry - a growth marketing firm focused on eCommerce solutions with emphasis on performance media, split testing, multi-device usability, lifecycle/SMS/referral, and long-term sustainable growth. Levitate is the leading female-founded Shopify Plus Preferred Partner in North America, having assisted hundreds of tier 1 eCommerce brands to acquire, retain and increase customer LTV. Some brand launches in the last few years include: Empathy Wines, EOS, DrewHouse, Liquid IV, LiveTinted, Rael, 8Greens, Chili Sleep, U Beauty, and more.

Prior to Levitate, Steph worked at Amazon, Honest, Sephora, Gap Inc, helped launched DTC native brands like Vegamour, True Botanicals, and has worked on over 300+ eCommerce companies over the last decade.

Steph is currently incubating and acquiring brands under Levitate Brands.