May Habib

Co-Founder & CEO


May Habib is CEO and co-founder of Writer, the only fully integrated generative AI platform built for enterprises. Leading companies such as Vanguard, Intuit, L'Oreal, Accenture, Spotify, and Uber choose Writer to help them ‌automate key operational activities and increase employee creativity and productivity. The company's security-first approach means that Writer proprietary LLMs are deployed inside an enterprise's own computing infrastructure. Writer has seen immense success with customer adoption, has grown revenues by 10x in the last two years, and has over 200% net revenue retention.

May is an expert in AI-driven language generation, AI-related organizational change, and the evolving ways we use language online. She's received many recognitions, including the 2023 Forbes AI 50 and Inc.'s 2023 Female Founder Award. May graduated from Harvard University and spends her time between San Francisco (where Writer is based) and London (where her two children live).