Mark Abraham

Managing Director & Senior Partner

Boston Consulting Group

Mark is a Senior Partner at BCG and the founder of the firm’s Personalization business, a global team of more than 1,000 agile marketers, data scientists, engineers, and martech experts.

Mark’s passion is bringing together disparate capabilities across an organization to drive innovation and results. His upcoming 2024 book Personalized, to be published by Harvard Business Review, will serve as a definitive guide to customer strategy in the age of AI. In partnership with Fortune 500 brands, Mark built some of BCG’s largest digital ventures and AI platforms, including Fabriq for personalization. Currently, Mark leads BCG’s North American Marketing, Sales & Pricing practice, one of the firm’s largest regional practices.

A dedicated father of two, Mark lives with his boys and his partner Jason in the Pacific Northwest. His stories and photographs from their off-the-grid treks speak to his love of adventure, the outdoors, and special family time.