Maria Renz

Global Head of Commerce


Maria Renz is the Vice President and General Manager of Commerce at Google, overseeing Shopping and Payments. 

Before Google, Maria spent the past several years in the start-up world in a leadership position at SoFi, and served on the Board of Directors of DoorDash. As SoFi’s Executive Vice President and Group Business Unit Leader for Money, Invest and Credit Card, she was part of the leadership team that guided the company through its IPO, launched SoFi’s first credit card product and helped the company obtain its federal banking license in the US.

Prior to that, Maria spent over 20 years at Amazon building several multibillion-dollar retail categories. She’s also served in several leadership roles including CEO of Amazon retail subsidiary Quidsi, technical adviser to Amazon Chairman and former CEO Jeff Bezos, and chief of Amazon’s delivery and customer service experience where she led 80k associates across 140+ countries, and launched industry-defining experiences such as Prime One Day Shipping.

Before joining Amazon, Maria worked in brand management at Kraft Foods, Inc. and Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Maria holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and a B.S. in Interior Design from Drexel University in Philadelphia. She is currently a member of the Vanderbilt University Business School Alumni Board and the Drexel University Board of Trustees.