Georgina Nelson

Founder & CEO


Georgina Nelson, CEO and founder of TruRating, studied psychology at university, where she became fascinated with how to measure, understand, and predict human behavior.  She quickly realized that the key to everything was data you could trust, which required sample sizes not usually seen in traditional market research.   

After graduating, Georgina took a turn into law, working first in finance with Clifford Chance LLP before joining Europe’s largest consumer association, Which?, representing consumer privacy and data issues at an EU and UK Government level.   

It was here she identified a market need for representative consumer feedback. Putting two and two together, Georgina created TruRating. A consumer feedback and analytics platform that captures feedback from the silent majority of the customer base. TruRating integrates the feedback process into the purchase experience. This achieves what traditional survey tools fail to do - mass, genuine customer data samples at speed.   

TruRating doesn’t stop there, all data is shared back to consumers via to ensure that the data exchange is a fair one for both parties. With over 600 million ratings and counting, TruRating is now the world’s largest platform of validated consumer ratings. TruRating works with globally renowned retailers, including Aldi, Five Below, NAPA Auto Parts, Nike RPG, Champion, Calvin Klein, Canada Post, and more.