Dhiraj Jain

Co-Founder & CEO


Dhiraj Jain is the Co-founder & CEO of dotkonnekt. He is a bogey golfer, gourmet chef and a passionate tech entrepreneur enjoying every moment of this fascinating journey.

His professional journey of 2 decades of delivering strategic tech and business initiatives for global retailers, consumer and tech companies, took an exciting turn during the middle of COVID-19. He and friend and co-founder, Chandan Mahajan, launched dotkonnekt with a mission to drive organic growth at scale for brands, retailers and B2B tech companies. dotkonnekt makes it happen by seamlessly combining the power of content, community and commerce with pragmatic use of AI, deep context and workflow automation.

With the challenges of rising CACs and third-party cookie deprecation, they believe the era of growth driven by paid ads is coming to an end. In this fast-evolving landscape, the success of marketers will be determined by their ability to deliver organic growth with content-first engagement and exceptional digital experiences.

To help marketers drive organic business growth without burning their budgets in paid ads, dotkonnekt has launched Sangria, the first-ever Organic Growth Copilot for brands, retailers and B2B tech companies. Sangria is the marketer’s comprehensive solution, offering a streamlined workflow to understand customer intent, gain relevant content intelligence, create contextual content at scale with AI, make it shoppable and engagement-ready, optimize for SEO, and publish on their own site – accomplished within minutes, using existing tech stacks, and without the high costs of marketing & development.

They are busting the myth, through their Organic Growth Copilot, that the process of driving organic traffic is extremely expensive and time-consuming. It is not, if done smartly with Sangria.