Coulter Lewis

Founder & CEO


Coulter Lewis is the dynamic entrepreneur and creative thinker best known as the founder and CEO of Sunday, an innovative, eco-conscious outdoor home care company. Coulter initially embarked on a career in design and product development at IDEO.

Before founding Sunday in 2019, Coulter was the co-founder of Quinn Snacks, a natural food company that reinvented microwave popcorn with a patented plastic free bag and farm direct ingredient sourcing. This venture highlighted his commitment to sustainability and his capacity to disrupt traditional industries with smart and earth-friendly solutions.

The idea for Sunday was conceived out of Coulter’s personal quest to maintain his lawn in an environmentally responsible way. His innovation was to create data-driven, personalized, non-toxic lawn care plans using soil and climate data, shipped directly to consumers' doors.

Under Coulter's leadership, Sunday has grown rapidly, offering a sustainable and consumer-friendly alternative to traditional lawn care products.

By fusing technology, science, and nature, Coulter is disrupting a well-established market and demonstrating a new way of thinking about outdoor home care. His passion for sustainability and creativity is making a substantial impact on this industry, inspiring others to reconsider their approaches to lawn and garden care.

As he continues to lead Sunday, his innovative spirit, commitment to eco-friendly practices, and dedication to customer service make him a role model for future entrepreneurs in the green technology space.