Benoit Koenig

Co-Founder & CEO


Benoit Koenig, an esteemed graduate of Ecole Polytechnique - France's premier engineering school known for cultivating global AI leaders - is the visionary co-founder of Veesion. Established in 2018 with two fellow deep learning experts, Veesion harnesses AI to revolutionize retail security. Under Benoit's leadership, the company has soared to international heights, with offices in Paris, Lisbon, and now New York City. His strategic foresight has enabled Veesion to secure a clientele of over 3000 retail stores worldwide, making it a leader in AI-driven theft detection.

Passionate about AI's transformative potential and dedicated to entrepreneurship, Benoit relocated to the U.S. to spearhead Veesion's expansion in this vast market. His approach blends technological innovation with acute business acumen, continually seeking to enhance retail security solutions.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Benoit is a fervent rugby enthusiast, having played the sport for two decades. His dedication to rugby reflects his commitment to teamwork, resilience, and strategic thinking, traits that he seamlessly transfers to his professional endeavors. Benoit's journey from a student of engineering to a global business leader exemplifies his drive for excellence and innovation in the rapidly evolving world of AI and technology.