Anabel Maldonado

Founder & CEO


Anabel Maldonado is the founder and CEO of PSYKHE AI, a personalization platform which enables retailers to AI-merchandise per-consumer using psychographics and deep learning. A patent-holder with a background in neuropsychology, she has over a decade of experience in luxury fashion as an editor, journalist, and merchandiser. In fusing her two disciplines, Maldonado became a pioneer in the field of fashion psychology, which explores why humans are drawn to certain aesthetics. She has been featured in Vogue, TechCrunch, Forbes, WWD, and many more publications for her contributions, and continues to pen her own Op-Eds for publications such as The Seattle Times and The Business of Fashion. Maldonado's proprietary framework fuels the models at PSYKHE AI, which she likens to "the brain of a super personal-shopper which instantly gets everyone".