Maximize your ROI at Shoptalk!

As we gear up for Shoptalk 2024, we're excited to offer our sponsors free access to a new tool: our VIP Program. Using a special link, this program allows you to invite your customer and prospects to Shoptalk with an exclusive 15% discount and is designed to maximize your impact at the event. Your custom link will also give you access to customized brand assets that you can use to amplify your participation at Shoptalk 2024. 

What is the VIP Invite Program? 

  • A one click solution for inviting your customers and prospects to Shoptalk using email, social and web assets that have been pre-branded for you, saving your team loads of time.  
  • Special discount for your network: Offer a 15% discount to your retailer and brand clients, prospects, and contacts, encouraging them to attend Shoptalk. 

What are the Benefits?  

  • Close Your Prospects: Shoptalk is the perfect environment to close prospects in your sales pipeline. It’s a proven fact: face time helps deals closer faster. 
  • Build and Strengthen Relationships: Use this as a chance to deepen bonds with existing clients and improve retention. 



You'll have access to:

Exclusive Invitations 

Sponsors will have access to a one-click invitation page, allowing you to send registration invites to your valued clients and potential customers. These invitations not only offer a welcoming gesture but also provide a 15% savings off the standard retailer and brand ticket. 

Customizable Marketing Materials 

The Customer Invitation Program provides pre-branded email templates, web banners, and social media assets to help you drive awareness of your participation at Shoptalk and encourage more meetings onsite. 

Exclusive Discount 

Gift your customer and prospects and exclusive 15% savings off the Shoptalk ticket price. Discount applies to retailer and brand attendees and is not intended for solution providers or other industry professionals. 

More Information 

For more details on the Customer Invitation Program and to get your invite link, please contact Bree Vaughn at 


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