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Shoplive is a B2B live-commerce SaaS provider/enabler.

We believe our solution is currently best-in-class in terms of quality, features, and functionality.

Whilst a majority of players in this space are either approaching it from a B2C platform angle, or to improve functionality on existing platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook, etc), we directly implement our solution on our customers’ websites/mobile apps, helping them to capture traffic, and increase engagement and conversion (sales).

We are working with the top E-commerce platforms in Korea, and are bringing our solution to the global market. We are sector agnostic, with proven success in fashion, F&B, beauty, art, and other industries. Our top clients have achieved revenues ranging from USD150k to USD800k in a one-hour live stream, with conversion rates of around 15%. Shoplive has also successfully been deployed with smaller clients and facilitated viewership growth from 100 live stream viewers to over 30,000 viewers.

We have embedded powerful data analytics tools into our solution, enabling customers to further drive business growth through re-marketing and content optimization. By marrying the convenience and seamlessness of e-commerce with the heightened levels of engagement and conversion of live-commerce, our customers are equipped with the tools they need to succeed. 

To learn more, please do not hesitate to forward us your queries. Visit us at and see how our solution is powering the future of e-commerce.