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Pimberly is an innovative, cloud-based SaaS PIM (Product Information Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management), and Workflow platform for all your product data and digital assets. It’s designed to handle unlimited numbers of SKUs, data feeds, and channels for leading brands and businesses. A centralized hub enables you to create a vital golden record for all product information. Gather, store, enrich, and distribute everything to unlimited sales channels from one place. At Pimberly, product data is our passion, and the scalability of the platform means there are no barriers to growth.

If you need a more technically sophisticated PIM, we provide our customers with:

Automated product spec and sell sheets
AI-generated product descriptions
AI-generated product attributes from image recognition
All-in-one integrated PIM/DAM and catalog
The most advanced self-service vendor portal on the market
Seamless complex product data onboarding
Access to over 1 billion products in our data bank

Transform the way you manage product data and achieve eCommerce excellence with the Pimberly PIM/DAM.