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FlexCharge partners with merchants and payment providers to instantly review and recover failed customer transactions at no risk to the merchant and at no cost to the consumer.

FlexCharge is an extremely fast-growing fintech focused on improving e-commerce sales by materially reducing payment declines. We have been able to reduce on-line payment declines by over 30% driving substantial increases in sales for our partners. Key Highlights include:

• A real-time decision engine that can instantly evaluate, re-structure, and augment the information on a declined payment within seconds.
• If the declined payment can be reversed, FlexCharge purchases the invoice effectively guaranteeing the sale for the merchant.
• A fully embedded and frictionless customer journey backed by a strong customer promise with no cost to the consumer -ever.
• Able to cover all decline codes as well as customer-initiated and merchant-initiated/subscription transactions.
• Founded by former Global heads of Decision Science and Analytics at Experian.
• Partnered with former C-suite leaders in Payments including former leaders at Paysafe, TSYS, and Barclays.
• We are a proud to have been chosen as a finalist for Best Payment Innovation at the Vendors in Partnership Awards.