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Founded in 2018 by Olga Dogadkina, Emperia develops immersive VR tech experiences for the premium fashion and art sectors, boosting sales and customer engagement. We are a London-based team, led by 3D/VR expert developers, fashion and art industry veterans and branding executives, creating highly-differentiated bespoke virtual worlds, tailored for premium and luxury fashion.

Our technology is built with your target audience in mind, allowing to showcase the product alongside the creative vision behind it, hence enabling a seamless extension of your physical store into your virtual flagship retail space, creating a complete cross-channel cohesion, while leveraging the virtual space’s own unique capabilities.

Our mission
We create a memorable user experience, providing a highly-sophisticated, completely realistic look & feel while making the virtual experience accessible to non-tech-savvy users. Ultimately improving customer journey and contributing to an intuitive, engaging, transparent and loyal virtual commerce environment.