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Bidnamic is a marketing technology platform that helps retailers unlock the full potential of Google Shopping.

Our platform helps retailers to outrank competitors, increasing revenue and market share – in short, it gives you an “unfair advantage” on Google Shopping.

Bidnamic achieves this by applying machine learning to profile every single product SKU in your catalogue, predicting its optimal bid value algorithmically. Real-time performance analysis and high-frequency bid management increase the efficiency of your ad spend, decrease costs per acquired customer, and enable the full revenue potential of every product.

While scaling our own ecommerce store we encountered the same problems faced by all retailers of over or underbidding on Google Shopping at the individual product level, thus Bidnamic was born.

We are now working with over 200 retailers for which we are already delivering 60%+ increases in revenue and are backed and supported by notable investors; including board advisors to Net-A-Porter, the Co-Founder of, thought leaders at Google, IBM and founders of many of today‘s fastest growing companies.