Patrick McIntyre

Head of Development

Krispy Kreme

Patrick McIntyre's professional journey is a narrative of entrepreneurial spirit and executive prowess in the retail and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sectors. Beginning with an omnichannel entrepreneurial venture, Patrick quickly made his mark transiting into high-impact corporate roles at Target Stores, Mars Inc, and now Krispy Kreme. His journey is characterized by a unique blend of creative vision and pragmatic expertise, driving value for global brands across the globe.

In 2021, Patrick McIntyre's groundbreaking strategies in integrating physical and digital commerce earned him a prestigious spot in AdWeek's 40 under 40. His innovative approach in connecting consumers to the M&M'S Brand through seamless omnichannel experiences has been a hallmark of his dynamic career.

In his career, Patrick has demonstrated global leadership by leading teams across continents for notable brands such as, M&M'S, Dove, Krispy Kreme, and Royal Canin, showcasing his adeptness in cross-cultural management. His senior executive roles have seen him driving strategic expansions and operational efficiencies in large-scale corporate settings. His innovative approach to store development and design has significantly enhanced brand presence and consumer engagement. In the digital commerce realm, Patrick has been at the forefront, pioneering the online presence for various D2C brands, thereby expanding customer reach and satisfaction.

As the COO in previous roles, he has mastered the complexities of logistics and distribution in multinational corporations. His expertise in tech implementation for scalability, particularly in POS and ERP systems, has been pivotal in aligning technology with business objectives. Furthermore, his strategic involvement in real estate and market expansion has led to substantial growth in market presence through strategic store locations and flagship developments.

Currently, as the Head of Development at Krispy Kreme since September 2023, Patrick is at the helm of directing the company's expansion in alignment with its brand objectives. He oversees store design and construction projects, skillfully merging functional efficiency with aesthetic appeal to enhance customer experience and drive sales. His role is pivotal in integrating technology, design, and real estate to create seamless and improved consumer journeys, reflecting Krispy Kreme's aspiration to be the most loved sweet treat in the world.

His previous experiences include significant roles such as Global Executive of Retail Operations and Supply Chain at Mars and Board Member at the Minnesota Retailers Association. These roles have underscored his diverse skills and profound understanding of retail strategy and operations.

Patrick's academic background complements his professional achievements. He holds an MBA in International Business from Johnson & Wales University and has further honed his skills through executive education, recently completing a CME at Harvard Business School.

As a visionary in retail and store development, Patrick McIntyre continues to champion innovation and sustainable growth within the industry, making a lasting impact in every role he undertakes, driven by Krispy Kreme's aspiration to touch and enhance lives through the joy that is their products.