Assaf Baciu

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


Assaf is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Persado, which provides a Motivation AI platform that enables personalized communications at scale. Assaf is responsible for the progression and foresight of Persado’s growing product portfolio and oversees the management of all product advancements. Prior to joining Persado, Assaf was Vice President of Product for Upstream, where Persado’s core technology originated. He previously worked for speech and imaging solutions supplier Nuance Communications as a senior director of product strategy, where he was responsible for developing on-demand and mobile solutions. Assaf joined Nuance from BeVocal, following its acquisition in 2007. He holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco and a Master’s in Social Psychology from the Sorbonne in Paris. Assaf lives in London with his family. He is a hummus connoisseur and enjoys reading sci-fi and spending time with his twin brother.