Terms & Conditions for Retailers and Brands (subject to change):


  1. Free Tickets & Travel Allowance: Shoptalk’s Hosted Retailers & Brands Program provides a complimentary Shoptalk ticket and a travel/hotel allowance of up to $750 in travel/hotel expenses per person for qualifying individuals from retailers and brands. 

  2. Qualifications: To qualify, individuals must: (a) be responsible for buying or evaluating retail or ecommerce technology or other solutions for their companies, and (b) take up to eight (8) 15-minute onsite meetings with participating sponsors, which are based on a double opt-in process so that they are useful to everyone.

  3. Meeting Times: You commit to being available for all four time slots dedicated for Hosted Program meetings on Monday, March 18, and Tuesday, March 19 of the event until you receive your final schedule immediately prior to the event. Your final set of eight (8) 15-minute meetings may be spread across two, three or all four hours, they may not be back to back. You will not need to miss any agenda sessions for these meetings.

  4. Travel Arrangements: You are responsible for making your own travel and accommodation arrangements to attend Shoptalk. You can book an onsite hotel room in our dedicated room block at Mandalay Bay by clicking here; Rooms (including any cancellation fees or deposits) are not refundable if canceled less than 72 hours of your arrival date. We do not guarantee the availability of our hotel room block, and recommend you book early.

  5. Program Participation: We will contact you prior to Shoptalk to arrange your meetings using our Shoptalk Meetup platform. You agree to participate in this process, including (a) completing a short survey with questions about your company and job role (b) participating in a double opt-in process to select sponsors for potential meetings, and (c) adding meetings to your calendar. Following Shoptalk, you agree to provide post-event feedback on the program and each meeting and to provide receipts for expenses. You agree to respond to all of our requests within our stated deadlines. Unresponsiveness to our deadlines and outreach to you may result in you being placed on a blacklist that will prevent you from qualifying for Shoptalk’s Hosted Program for one or more future years.

  6. One-to-One Meetings: We do not entertain requests to combine meetings with other individuals from your organization that might also be participating in the Hosted Program. If more than one person from your organization is enrolled in the Hosted Program, each person must complete his or her own set of up to eight (8) one-to-one meetings to qualify for the Hosted Program. If you are unable to attend your meetings alone for any reason, you will not be eligible to receive a travel/hotel reimbursement or complementary Shoptalk ticket. If you are scheduled for less than 8 meetings, you are only required to attend the meetings we have scheduled for you. 

  7. Failure to Complete Meetings: If you pick up your Shoptalk badge onsite or otherwise attend Shoptalk but do not complete one or more of your scheduled meetings: (a) we will not be responsible for any costs associated with your travel or hotel and you will not receive any reimbursement, (b) your credit card will be charged $1,750 for your Shoptalk ticket per the authorization you agree to below, and (c) you may also be placed on a blacklist that will prevent you from qualifying for Shoptalk’s Hosted Program for one or more future years. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we reserve the right at our sole discretion to prorate your travel/hotel reimbursement calculated based on the total meetings for which you were scheduled.

  8. Cancellation & Substitutes: If you are approved for the Hosted Retailers & Brands Program but become unable to participate even though you are still with your organization, you agree to suggest one or more substitutes from your organization as your replacement in the program. Acceptance of any substitute is subject to our prior approval via email. If you cancel your participation in the Hosted Program and are not able to provide a substitute approved by us, this may result in you being placed on a blacklist that will prevent you from qualifying for Shoptalk’s Hosted Program for one or more future years.

  9. Notice of Employment Change: If you (a) are no longer employed by, or (b) become aware prior to Shoptalk that you will no longer be employed at the time of Shoptalk or after Shoptalk by the retailer or brand based upon which you were approved to participate in the Hosted Program, you must let us know immediately upon your becoming aware so that we can cancel your participation in the program. In such cases, you will no longer be eligible to participate in the program or to receive a travel/hotel reimbursement or complimentary Shoptalk ticket. Failure to notify us may result in you being placed on a blacklist that will prevent you from qualifying for Shoptalk’s Hosted Program for one or more future years. At all times, including following Shoptalk, we reserve the right to only communicate with you at your work email address regardless of any other email address you may have provided or we may have otherwise used.

  10. Reimbursement Process: As the final step to receiving your travel and hotel reimbursement up to the amount as agreed in writing before the event, we require that you complete a feedback form providing specific evaluations of each meeting (we will also ask participating sponsors to provide feedback on their meetings with you). Please note that Shoptalk will require up to 45 days upon reimbursement form submission to provide payment, and will not reimburse for any mileage, points or rewards used for travel. Reimbursement is conditioned upon completing all of your scheduled meetings and submitting the feedback survey and travel/hotel receipts following the event within our stated deadlines. 

  11. Credit Card Details: You agree to provide your credit card information, and authorize us to process a $1 charge on your credit card as part of your Shoptalk ticket registration. You also authorize us to charge the cost of your ticket at the rate of $1,750 to your credit card if you do not complete your scheduled meetings as described in section (7) above.

  12. Information Sharing: Shoptalk reserves the right to share any information you provide to us with participating sponsors at various stages of the Hosted Program process. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we will share your email address only after the event with those participating sponsors that you met as part of the Hosted Program.

Qualification for the Hosted Retailers & Brands Program is determined solely by Shoptalk and may be revoked at any time. By completing registration, you agree to these Hosted Retailers & Brands Program Terms & Conditions.