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Shoptalk is the big, new retail and ecommerce event. It covers the rapid evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy every product, service and experience. This shift is due to everything from new technologies and business models to changes in consumer preferences and expectations.

Shoptalk provides a unique platform for established retailers and brands, startups, tech companies, investors, media and analysts to come together in an open and friendly environment. Everyone benefits from rich, in-person interactions spanning 3 days packed with incredible content, wide-ranging exhibitors and meaningful networking opportunities.

Shoptalk attracted more than 3,100 attendees in 2016 — its inaugural year — including over 395 CEOs, and is growing to more than 5,000 attendees in 2017. Here are the key Shoptalk metrics:

Key Shoptalk metrics

The Shoptalk attendee profile represents a senior-level and multi-stakeholder view of the commerce ecosystem with diverse representation by sector and development stage:


Seniority Chart


Sector Chart


Stage Chart

Retailers & Brands

Meet the Game Changers!

Shoptalk provides an unprecedented platform for large retailers and brands to come together with startups, tech companies and investors in an open and friendly environment to:


Learn about the latest trends, business models and technologies from CEOs and executives of early stage companies, technology providers, commerce disruptors and venture capital investors as well as from peers at established retailers and brands.


Interact with the ecosystem and embrace innovation. With all the changes happening in retail and ecommerce, now is a critical time to be engaged in innovation, collaborate in new ways, forge innovative partnerships and fund groundbreaking initiatives.


Get to the Next Level!

An incredible array of startups is redefining every aspect of commerce. We’ve designed Shoptalk to provide startups with an unparalleled opportunity to meet relevant investors, Internet companies, retailers, brands, media, analysts and others to form key product, distribution and other partnerships as the industry continues to gain momentum. Startups also qualify for special Shoptalk programs like FundingFounders.

In 2016, startups with an incredible $23 billion in collective funding attended Shoptalk.


Find the Latest & Greatest!

In 2016, more than 100 VCs attended Shoptalk.

Shoptalk brings together a highly curated, senior audience encompassing the leaders of the next generation of commerce. There's no better place for investors to find the latest innovations, meet the greatest disrupters and hear perspectives from established leaders to evaluate opportunities in the context of the market. Investors also qualify for special Shoptalk programs like FundingFounders.


Shoptalk, Not Small Talk!

Shoptalk 2017 will feature more than 250 speakers representing key commerce stakeholders from today's most established and innovative organizations, leading-edge startups, influential media and the investment community. All of our speakers are senior industry leaders redefining the future of commerce and about half are CEOs.

Speaking at Shoptalk offers the unprecedented opportunity for thought leadership in front of many of the commerce ecosystem’s most important organizations, including retailers, brands, internet companies, tech startups, investors, media and more. You can download a one-page quick overview of Shoptalk by clicking here.

In 2016, we received more than 1,000 requests to speak and expect many more for 2017. If you’d like to be considered, please complete the Speaker Request Form by clicking the button below. The seniority of the proposed speaker is a key criteria in our decision. There is no deadline to submit a speaking request but decisions are made on a rolling basis — the earlier you submit, the more slots available.

We’ll be in touch once we've reviewed your request. If you're a PR agency, please coordinate with your client prior to proposing him or her as a speaker.

Please also note that with 250+ speakers, we have very specific rules around access to sessions, rates for additional tickets and substitutions which we will provide upon acceptance as a speaker.

Exhibit & Sponsor

Reach the Entire Commerce Ecosystem

With a large and exceptionally senior audience, Shoptalk presents an incredible opportunity to:

  • Engage with senior decision makers
  • Build brand awareness
  • Launch new products to the industry and media

We provide off-the-shelf and tailored exhibiting, meeting space and sponsorship opportunities to meet your specific marketing needs and budget. Whether you're a startup, large global company or anywhere in between, our offerings can be designed to achieve your goals.

We expect more than 350 sponsors in 2017 and opportunities are very limited. Please complete the form below to help us understand your areas of interest, and we'll follow up to discuss options.


Become a Co-marketing or Editorial Partner

In 2016, over 130 media partners and analysts covered Shoptalk onsite, including more than 75 announcements from organizations like Casper, Under Armour, Google and Adobe.

We partner with media, analysts and others to co-market as well as for onsite editorial coverage. Please provide the following information so we can effectively review and respond to your inquiry.

2016 Event

Shoptalk delivered a groundbreaking 2016 experience following an unprecedented launch with exceptional buzz and incredibly high expectations. The event attracted an amazing group of more than 3,100 attendees, including over 1,000 C-level executives, almost 400 CEOs and in excess of 100 investors. Shoptalk instantly become one of the largest retail and ecommerce events in the U.S.

More than 320 individuals spoke at Shoptalk in 2016, over 90% of whom were at a VP level and above, and 50% of whom were CEOs. Shoptalk 2016 also included 125 tech, mainstream and trade media as well as leading Wall Street analysts. Over 100 announcements were made onsite. The event was covered widely by the press, ranging from CNBC and WWD to Re/code and TechCrunch—it was also covered in a wide variety of retail and ecommerce industry publications and blogs.

Shoptalk 2016 was universally acknowledged to have forged a much-needed commerce dialogue and created the new community of commerce innovators. Shoptalk also played a critical role in helping the industry move away from today’s siloed and fragmented conversations that fail to address the needs of changing consumers.

To see the 2016 Shoptalk homepage, click here. More than 1,000 photos of Shoptalk 2016 are available on our Facebook page.