Shoptalk Virtual Events are a new set of products that offer groundbreaking content, connections and community to the entire retail ecosystem.

Conducted online, Shoptalk Virtual Events include Shoptalk Virtual Tabletalks, Shoptalk Virtual Conferences and Shoptalk Virtual Meetings, and bring together the retail community to learn, discuss and network—all while working from home, the office or just about anywhere.

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Shoptalk Virtual Meetings Shoptalk Virtual Meetings

Shoptalk Virtual Meetings will be expanded, video conference-enabled versions of Shoptalk’s highly regarded and incredibly successful Hosted Retailers & Brands Program, which brings thousands of individuals from hundreds of retailers and brands together with thousands of individuals from hundreds of sponsoring companies for upwards of 10,000 onsite, one-to-one meetings each year.

Shoptalk Virtual Meetings will also incorporate the many other networking and collaboration initiatives traditionally conducted in connection with Shoptalk’s in-person events, creating the ability for individuals throughout the retail industry to engage with each other across a wide range of use cases at unparalleled scale in distributed and digitally interactive environments.

Additional details about Shoptalk Virtual Meetings will be shared in the near future.

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