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YourAnswer provides intelligent voice shopping experiences. Let visitors to your website use their voice-enabled devices to find your products and information in an engaging manner that improves conversion rates, increases sales, decreases bounce rates, and enhances your brand.

The heart of the system is a Real Intelligence EngineTM, that goes beyond AI, with its ability to understand spoken language. A unique display system has also been created that allows a large number of items to be shown on a small screen. Mobile shoppers can ask for something like, “show me all the red dresses under $50 size 8”, and that’s what they get, or “what’s in my cart”.

YourAnswer also responds to website visitors via voice, engaging users and providing information in a unique way that powers and extends your brand and increases sales.

It’s available now for eCommerce sites, and it incorporates a number of different displays, including a novel, mobile-friendly Catwalk display to further enhance the user experience, in addition to more traditional list views.

YourAnswer goes well beyond providing the right products, it also responds to questions, for example, shipping information, forms of payment accepted, return policies and store locations.

The Company won the coveted etail “Most Exciting Tech Award” from Worldwide Business Research and is Oracle’s partner of choice for voice shopping solutions.