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Revery.AI creates the first production-ready virtual dressing room (VDR) that bridges the gap between online and offline shopping. Our immersive experience, built using proprietary AI technology, enables shoppers to try on various garment combinations, and choose from a vast library of models with different skin tones and poses that best represent their style.

Our service is based on GAN - Generative adversarial network. It generates high quality and realistic model images that can be manipulated to try on different garments through deep learning. We preserve the textures, designs, and patterns of garments while introducing shading, drape, and lighting. This generates photo-realistic images as our final product.

This technology empowers shoppers to visualise different styles, garments and collections digitally. The action of trying on different styles, collections and garment pieces simulate a physical shopping experience by trying on multiple products,  a more immersive user experience that bridges the gap between physical and digital online shopping. Shoppers can mix and match different outfits together, and select models with different skin tones and poses to better represent their personal style.

This service is loved by shoppers and has been proven to uplift consumer engagement by 500%, and conversion rate by 400% through increased consumer-product interaction.