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“rapitag is bringing secure 1-click-buying to the retail floor,
eliminating queuing and creating a new omnichannel shopping experience.”

Rethinking retail

Anti-theft-devices become the point of sale

rapitag is taking classical EAS (Electronic-Article-Surveillance) hardtags and payment processes in retail to another level by offering the world's first patented security tag that can open itself automatically by using smart materials. With no need for a checkout counter or terminal, customers can simply hold their smartphones next to a rapitag attached to a shirt or digital camera, pay within the app, remove the tag and leave the store without ever waiting in a queue.

4 easy steps: Scan, Pay, Remove & Go.

Everywhere and anytime in the store.

The rapitag IoT will be reused and stays in the store (always active with our 24/7 theft protection). Store owners benefit from cost reduction (less cash counters), cross and up sales (tags become point of sale and the app the personal shopping advisor) and legally identifying (online) customers in stores to offer advanced services and replace loyalty cards for good: Enabling the real power of Retail 4.0!

Use Cases: fashion, accessory, electronics, beverages and more!

Core benefits

  • No more queues (more shopping area)
  • Increased sales through real omnichannel
  • Cashier Re-allocation
  • Self-checkout (same anti-theft protection)
  • Satisfi ed customers (time saving & convenient)
  • Linking online & offline customers
  • Easy to install and implement


Revolutionizing customer experience

Bringing 1-click-buying and more to retail

rapitag is bringing 1-click-buying to the retail floor that not only speeds up the movement of shoppers through the store but also provides them with a much better user experience. Fast checkout with rapitag removes the need to wait in line at the counter, apply coupons, offers and loyalty points at checkout. Users can pay mobile within the app with on click and remove the tag anywhere in the store to save time and experience a new era of omnichannel shopping.

Smart tags that open themselves

Users can simply scan the rapitags attached to their product with their mobile device, pay for item with one click, remove the rapitag anywhere in the store and leave it without ever waiting in a queue. The rapitag IoT will be reused and stays in the store, providing a 24/7 anti theft security.

No more queues and terminals

The only POS-Technology, that does not need a check-out counter or terminal.

The rapitag opens automatically after the In-App payment process is completed. It works everywhere and anytime in the store. There is even no need for cashiers, they can now focus on supporting and advising customers or promote products.

All payment options accepted

Like any ecommerce shop, rapitag accepts every common payment option. Even account purchases are welcome. Customers simply add their preferred option(s) to their account in the app and their account is automatically debited after checkout while loyalty points are added. 100 % PCI compliant: We work together with the biggest PSP worldwide.

Works with any security infrastructure

There is no need for new infrastructure investment as rapitag works with any AM, RF or RFID based security gate. Just replace the old hardtags with the new rapitag IoT.