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We help companies save millions of dollars with Comprehensive Small Package Spend Management. Leading brands turn to the experts of PlatinumCP for insights, strategies and tools needed to level the playing field in their Parcel and LTL Transportation Procurement.

OUR KNOWLEDGE about global Parcel and LTL operations, pricing and contracting is as deep as it is diverse.

OUR DATA-DRIVEN METHODOLOGY reveals your current small package logistics ecosystem dynamics—identifying the true cost drivers and total “all in” expense in context.

 OUR OUTCOMES-BASED APPROACH focuses on achieving sustained Parcel and LTL distribution cost reductions and workflow efficiencies—aligning our interests with yours.

 CONTROL IS IN YOUR HANDS via secure PlatinumCP expense management portals—it’s visibility at the level you define: by product, marketing channel, customer, location, period, et al.

 THE VALUE BUILDS from strategic insights to simplified contracts to global spend control—each vital to achieving significant savings and sustained lower total shipping cost per package.