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Pixelz is the leading Product Image Retouching platform for the E-commerce Industry.

We help busy Ecommerce photo studio professionals beat deadlines with reliable, AI-powered retouching. You gain control over deadlines, reduce stress, and don’t have to worry about training temp retouchers or dealing with unreliable outsourcing vendors. We’ve spent the last 10 years investing in people and developing software to create post-production’s greatest ever timesaver, The Pixelz Platform and S.A.W.™ workflow system. The result is unprecedented speed, flexibility, and scale.

Layered on top of S.A.W.™, we use proprietary Image Editing AI to automate more than 70% of the post-production process, which allows us to deliver professionally retouched images in as little as two hours. Pixelz is quickly becoming the most adopted post-production platform around the globe and is trusted by leading brands, online retailers, and commercial photography studios.

How Does It Work?

Your team uploads unprocessed product images to our online platform and we send them back professionally edited, retouched and ready to go online in as little as two hours. It's as simple as that.