Open Grid

Level 1 Sponsor

Open Grid powers Experiential E-Commerce for brands through seamlessly-integrated, immersive Virtual Stores, Showrooms and Activations.

We’ve dreamed up a patent-pending, mobile-first technology that is accessible via any web browser and can be seamlessly integrated into your brand’s dotcom as your gateway to retail in the Metaverse.

Our Analytics Dashboard provides valuable behavioral insights that measures engagements, plays, product detail inquiries, time spent, cart size, and more. Open Grid’s patent-pending Gaze Tracking technology helps you better understand what consumers are looking at and how they are navigating throughout your space.

Key Platform Features include:

  • Browser-Based, Mobile-First
  • Unrestricted Movement
  • 3D Photorealism with Lossless Compression
  • Realtime Product and Content Updates
  • AR Try-On & Placement
  • Live Video and Text Chat
  • Live Streaming and Content Playback
  • Gamification