Nuance Communications

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More than any other sector, the retail industry is experiencing a revolution driven by the collection, synthesis, and application of unstructured data to drive new business insights and consumer-centric personalization. A multi-fold explosion of data points, from call transcripts to social media interactions to cart information is increasingly being used to present recommendations and offers through self-service and live digital and voice agents. Live agents are being provided with more comprehensive support and capabilities than ever, with sophisticated desktops providing shopper data and product and dialog recommendations that are increasingly being leveraged in asynchronous chats.

This is where Nuance can up-level and streamline your online customer experience. Nuance delivers easily integrated solutions with the support to help brands analyze, optimize, and scale across channels from Google’s Business Messages to SMS to mobile chatbots, with AI built on 31 billion vertical-specific customer conversations. Whether leveraging Nuance virtual assistants or live agent tools, retailers improve conversion, sale size, and CSAT while reducing costs.

Regardless of channel, retail shoppers expect a more personalized frictionless experience that they can carry from one channel to the next and are more likely to switch brands if not. Nuance provides cutting-edge voice, digital, and messaging solutions that transform customer experiences—and improve business operations.