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Mercaux is transforming legacy Point of Sale into a suite of composable ‘Points of Service’ solutions that supports a customer’s entire in-store path-to-purchase, from product discovery and personalisation through to checkout, and beyond.

Given the business-critical nature of your in-store transaction capabilities, Legacy POS is no longer relevant in the modern retail environment - basic functionalities, exceptionally high cost of ownership and slow upgrade schedules are prohibitive to a retail industry that needs to transform quickly. As a result, retailers are turning towards best-in-class composable architectures to entirely transform the in-store experience with speed and agility and deliver additional business benefits through Assisted-Service, Self-Service, and Next Generation Checkout solutions.

The Platform easily digests the feeds of existing technology stacks (such as eCom, OMS and CDP) to extend their benefits into store. Whether this is surfacing customer insights from CDP to your staff, offering advanced fulfilment opportunities for your customers with OMS, or recovering an online abandoned basket in store from eCom, a composable approach to your architecture brings multiple benefits to your customers omnichannel path-to-purchase.

Mercaux’s full suite of composable solutions can be operated by store associates (e.g., Assisted Selling, Clienteling and Next Gen POS), or self-served by customers (e.g., Touch Screen Kiosks, Digital Fitting Rooms and Progressive Web Apps). In addition, Mercaux captures unique and rich in-store customer behaviour data, which can be leveraged in E-commerce and Marketing channels, as well as insights on staff performance and product interest funnels.

Mercaux is a member of the MACH Alliance where a thorough business and technical due diligence was conducted of Mercaux’s platform to ensure that MACH philosophies, principles and architectures are adhered to.