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Immerss is a live commerce platform that enables merchants to elevate their online shopping experience through 1-to-1 immersive chat and video, as well as 1-to-many shoppable streaming.

Digital Clienteling

Connect. Engage. Sell. That’s the name of the game with shoppable chat and video from Immerss . Restore the missing human element to ecommerce and guide your online shoppers all the way to checkout. This virtual in-store experience will make a lasting impression on your customers while making a big impact on your bottom line.  

Huge conversion rates? Check! Increased AOVs? Check! Decreased returns? Check! Customer satisfaction? Check!

Connecting and building relationships with your online customers has never been more important. The digital clienteling solution from Immerss makes it simple and profitable.

Livestream Shopping

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to engage and delight your customers with livestream shopping events, then this is for you.  

The Immerss app makes going live a breeze. And the best part? You’re in total control with events shown right on your website and all sales tracked. It’s like having your own branded QVC channel.  

Control. Convenience. Conversions. Take the leap into live shoppable events with Immerss and put your brand at the forefront of this booming sales channel.