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As digitalization expands, fashion analysis seems more accessible, but the growing volume of information renders it more complex. At Heuritech, we collect, analyze, and provide you with concrete insights. This way, you can focus on what's important: creating. In all its forms.

Heuritech possesses an AI-based visual recognition technology which operates mainly on social networks, the main place of expression for the modern consumer. In our platform, you can find the analysis of our data and fashion experts, as well as our forecasts. We’re here to guide you in the evolution and alignment of your analytical and creative teams by creating a place for a common language. In this way, we accompany you in your digital transformation.

But digital transformation is not only about optimization and profitability, it’s also a way for your company to develop solutions for a more ethical industry.

By creating more consciously regarding your brand DNA and customer desires, we’re willing to bet that you can better counteract overstock. Indeed, our forecasts help to address one of the biggest problems in fashion: waste.