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Forter is the Trust Platform for digital commerce. With Forter, enterprises generate more revenue and reduce losses to fraud and abuse by making accurate and real-time decisions about every digital interaction.

Forter was founded on the insight that it’s not about what is being purchased, nor where, but who is behind the interaction. As a result, Forter continues to expand its global customer network— processing more than $250 billion in gross merchandise value per year. As the company grows, its customers benefit further; a fraudster detected by one customer is instantly recognizable to all Forter customers. Only automation can facilitate the speed, scale, and accuracy needed to approve more transactions, block more fraud attempts, and deliver better customer experiences.

Forter is entrusted by digital commerce leaders across industries, including Nordstrom, Sephora, Instacart, Adobe, Priceline, and more. These businesses are committed to ensuring that everyone who visits their sites gets the experience they deserve.