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Dresslife is the fashion-specific personalization engine. This improves revenue, returns and data insights for fashion retailers, while helping their customers find clothing faster that they love and that fits. 

Personalization is considerably more successful in all segments other than apparel, due to shorter product lifecycles and the added dependency on the human body. By addressing these fashion-specific complexities, Dresslife’s AI increases net-revenue by >5-15%, compared with an industry agnostic solution. The personalization engine predicts the probability of a customer liking and keeping a piece of clothing. Among various other use cases, this allows to sort the items with the highest purchase- and lowest return-probability to the top of the category feed. 

Dresslife works with fashion brands that generate more than >$500M online revenue and provides ready-made integrations for systems such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Since we can guarantee the value of our product, we only charge a success fee once the value of our technology has been proven in an AB test. Therefore, you can try Dresslife with zero risk.