Discover Dollar

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Discover Dollar is a leading global company that helps retailers and brands identify & recover hidden dollars in overpayment & leakages like pricing errors, missed discounts, and rebates by analyzing unstructured negotiations data like contracts and emails, invoices, purchase orders, and payments data using AI. We have delivered 4x ROI & saved $504 Million for partners Target, Metro C&C, Budweiser (ABInbev), & many Fortune 100 companies.

Discover Dollar Serving industries, including Retail, Food & Beverage, Building Materials, Automotive, Hardware, Consumer durable, Healthcare, and helping our clients to:

  • Curbing losses by consistent improvement in leakages reduction
  • Improve bottom line by up to 4 percent of revenue
  • Increased productivity of your team by 10x
  • Improving cash flow by capturing the leakages and preventing avoidable losses

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