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Cloverly is a unique Sustainability-as-a-Service technology. Our API helps you offset the carbon emissions of any transaction in real-time.

Cloverly's API allows you to neutralize the carbon impact of your activities by calculating the exact CO2 footprint of the activity, matching it with an equivalent high-quality carbon offset and purchasing it immediately.

The Cloverly API can be used to offset transactions in a variety of contexts from e-commerce to financial transactions. We offer businesses the ability to

• create awareness among customers on their carbon impacts 

• offset carbon emissions as they occur

• choose offset projects that match organizational priorities

• perform real action on their sustainability goals with low effort

• build custom solutions for their specific use cases

The API is free to access and implement - this means you can start acting on your sustainability goals with no hassle. Started in Atlanta in 2019, we are building the technological engines that will power the Net Zero transition of the world.