Chatter by Stingray

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Stingray Business Overview 

We focus on merging Music + Messaging, Customer Engagement + Data, Signage + Systems, and Media + Advertising into a multi-dimensional, integrated media ecosystem for Enterprise Brands. It’s a modern approach for our industry, and delivers on the promise to create, activate, and measure brand experience moments for both consumers and employees.

Chatter Overview 

Chatter is a customer engagement solution that is innovating beyond traditional surveys by leveraging AI driven conversations to capture the TRUE voice of the customer. We are empowering organizations to collect constant and consistent feedback across all touchpoints along the customer journey (even the non-purchaser) while proactively addressing and solving customer friction points as the experience is happening. 

Chatter’s real-time reporting platform leverages AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to spoon feed actionable insights to all levels of the organization so the frontline can take quick action with the customer by closing the loop while uncovering operational improvement opportunities for executives and middle management. With over 4,000 retail, e-commerce and contact center specific topics, Chatter’s text analytics delivers significant efficiencies to end users by analyzing each conversation to pull out topics at 4 levels of granularity, apply sentiment and correlate impact on brand’s specific key metrics. 

Brands like Nike, Victoria Secret, Chanel and L’Oreal are partnering with Chatter to move at the speed of their customers and obliterate their competition while driving a slew of positive business outcomes like improved same-store sales, increased online cart conversion, increased average transaction value, decreased customer churn, and other operational efficiencies that deliver better experiences while winning customer and employee loyalty.