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If e-commerce is increasingly the lifeblood of thriving retail, why is the logistics that powers it so convoluted?

E-commerce-focused companies face seven continents of competition. The barrier to growth is only exacerbated by the opaque systems that move their business from Point A to Point B. Online retailers struggle to scale due to the cost and complexities of shipping. Logistics-enabled companies face prohibitive expenses and technical challenges to compete. At the end of this chain of inefficiency: the end-consumers that keep it all in motion.

At BoxC, we believe things can be better. And we’re here to shake up the status quo. 

In a single platform with a single API, we put a global network of shipping and logistics services a click away. All the critical details — customs, duties, taxes, dangerous items pre-screening, and more — are on us. Your sole focus can be on growing your e-commerce business, your way.

It’s frictionless. It’s flexible. It’s affordable. It’s e-commerce logistics management the way it should be. Makes you wonder what took so long.

The global infrastructure to expand your business is there. We make it available to everyone.