Sali Christeson

Founder & CEO


Sali Christeson is the Founder and CEO of Argent, a venture-backed women’s workwear label that promotes gender equality in the workplace through clothing and is redefining suiting for modern women. A business major with an MBA from the University of South Carolina, Sali spent a decade in the Bay Area's finance and technology space, where she struggled to find work clothes that were bold, practical, and professional. For too long, workwear for women has been stagnant, constricting, and lacking key functional elements as simple as pockets. After reading hard statistics that women in the workplace are judged on appearance, which results in a tangible impact on their careers over time, she founded Argent with a vision to arm women with a wardrobe that delivers style, functionality, and self-expression as they take their seat at the table. Argent’s community counts leaders and disruptors like Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Meghan Markle, Gloria Steinem, and Amy Poehler as members and is backed by industry leaders, including Founders Fund, Fuel Capital, Katrina Lake, and Brooklyn Decker.

Over the past year, Argent partnered with Supermajority and Michelle Obama’s organization, When We All Vote, to advocate for women’s voting power. This year, Argent also partnered with denim brand Agolde to curate a first-of-its-kind capsule collection designed for the office and recently launched their first wholesale relationship with Nordstrom.