Olga Kotsur

Founder & CEO


Olga Kotsur is the co-founder and CEO of Mercaux – the single built-for-purpose platform digitising retail stores. It was during her MBA at Harvard Business School that Olga came up with the idea and found a technical co-founder, Alex Petrov – they realised that retail as we knew it was operating in silos - the online and offline worlds. And whilst retailers were investing a lot in ecommerce, the gap between online and offline experiences was widening. It made logical sense to bring both worlds together and so in 2015 the idea for Mercaux was born.

Prior to Mercaux, Olga worked at the Boston Consulting Group where she consulted on technology and strategy projects. Olga represents the 2.3% of VC-backed investments that have been given to female-founded companies and is often invited to present to similar ambitious female leaders in business.