Marta Dalton

VP Data Analytics & Customer Insights

Amyris (Biossance)

Marta Dalton is the VP of Data Analytics & Customer Insights at Amyris, a biotech CPG firm based out of San Francisco, where she oversees descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics for the company. In early 2022 she left Unilever as the Global Director of B2B eCommerce and Customer Experience where she launched B2B eCommerce in 25 countries and led the experience of new marketplaces in APAC and LATAM. Prior to joining Unilever, she's bounced between the marketing and technology "sides" of eCommerce in roles for B2B and B2C organizations ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500, and still enjoys being hands-on in Google Analytics and other parts of the tech stack. She'll happily talk your ear off about how to select and implement a new platform, create new pricing strategies, partner with the B2B sales team to accelerate eCommerce, or define marketing plans to find, get, and keep your best customers.