Joy Fan

Founder & CEO


At the forefront of retail innovation for 18+ years –  Joy Fan has transformed the consumer landscape. Having disrupted the traditional commercial lease model into license agreements; popularized pop-ups; designed "retail-as-a-service" models adopted by hundreds of DTC brands, REITS, mall operators, developers, and landlords; and unlocked proptech playbooks for the masses — She’s shifted the way real estate is accessed and experienced.

Joy is known as being a founding member of Storefront (acquired in 2016) -- the largest marketplace for short-term retail; along with her contribution building Bespoke for Westfield, Brandbox for Macerich, 3DEN at Hudson Yards, Built by B8ta for B8ta, launching the very first DTCFriday, and influencing the success of thousands of disruptor DTC brands.

Today, with the height of the pandemic leaving cities vacant; small businesses crushed and online brands competing for digital ad space – she’s building a tech-enabled platform for ANY brand to access retail at a lower cost and lower risk.

The marketplace solution turns “excess into access” – transforming any unused space into marketable “footprint” primed to host online brands.

Pre-launch, re/tell has already oversubscribed pilot brand partners and demand from major cities. She believes ALL entrepreneurs deserve to tell their story.