Jon Reily

SVP Commerce & Loyalty


Jon Reily is a 25-year eCommerce veteran and Global Top 100 Retail Influencer who founded and sold two successful companies in the first dotcom boom of the 1990s. He then continued a successful career advising and guiding companies from start-ups to global Fortune 500 powerhouses innovate their digital futures. Before joining Bounteous, Jon held senior executive roles at global marketing powerhouses

Dentsu International and Publicis Groupe where he worked with top global retailers and brands to advise and counsel how best to transform themselves digitally to stay competitive in the increasingly technology focused world.

Previously Jon was a senior leader at In his time at Amazon, he re-invented how Amazon sold and marketed their 1st-party manufactured devices, such as Kindle Fire and FireTV, and helped create a multi-billion-dollar business division within Amazon. He is a strong advocate of the importance of the customer experience in any digital strategy and that companies who get that right will thrive, and

those who do not will not.

“We are in a period of change we have not seen as a society since the industrial revolution. Fundamental changes of how we interact with commerce, the brands we use, and how we acquire those products, are occurring every day and no one can predict where the end-state will be. We tend to think that we are at the top of the bell-curve in terms of digital disruption, that we’ve been through a lot, and we’re almost to the zenith. The truth is that we are just getting started, the biggest changes are yet to come, and they will be amazing. The best is yet to come.”

With these views, Reily has been a driving force in the global eCommerce space for more than a decade. A holder of several patents which underpin the basics of how eCommerce works, he is uniquely positioned to not only assist with the “now” of where companies are in this new world, but also where the “next” is and how best to get there. A successful futurist and forecaster of future trends, Reily is a major factor in the company’s toolkit it can offer its customers to help them on their digital journeys.