Joaquín Villalba

Founder & CEO


Joaquín Villalba, CEO and Co-Founder of Nextail, is a retail industry veteran with more than two decades of experience in innovation and retail operations.

Prior to founding Nextail, Joaquin was Head of European Logistics for Zara-Inditex, the world’s largest fashion retailer. In this role, he oversaw more than a thousand retail stores with over $10 billion in annual sales and led technical innovation for the company, creating solutions to manage product flow in high-volume flagship stores. 

As an industrial engineer by trade, Joaquín has always been fascinated by improving the way things work. Upon entering the retail industry, he quickly observed many opportunities to transform traditional merchandising processes that prevented retailers from acting fast enough to meet customer demand. It was this inspiration to reinvigorate retail through advanced data and technology that Nextail was founded.

Today, in addition to leading Nextail, Joaquín is a frequent speaker at retail industry events and a lecturer in executive retail programs.