Jim Ferolo

Chief Information Officer

Maui Jim

Building strong, sustainable, agile, scalable, and transformational digital technology systems, solutions, and organizations is Jim’s expertise. With a keen focus on creating digital technologies that are commercially focused and customer-facing, his teams and himself have contributed millions of dollars in new B2B and B2C revenues by developing innovative solutions as the field of digital and commerce technology has exploded over the past decade.

In tandem with his role as the Digital Technology Executive for Maui Jim for 6 years. Working in partnership with other C-level executives and senior managers at the company, and reporting directly to the President, they are  leading the way in retail commerce and digital solutions for his industry, customers, and the markets that they serve around the world.

Of equal note are his successes in crafting advanced compliance and data security programs (in response to constantly expanding threats worldwide), introducing a portfolio of quality improvement initiatives (to upgrade both internal and external technology capabilities), piloting innovative customer service and tech support functions (to further distinguish Maui Jim from global competition), and driving advanced brand enforcement and protection programs (critical initiatives in rapidly expanding digital and commerce markets worldwide).

Jim is also extremely proud of his pending provisional patent as the principal inventor of a bespoke mobile application that provides their  global sales team with the ability to scan and categorize product displays using IOS devices and machine learning which, again, demonstrates his ability to deliver sustainable advantages in a remarkably competitive industry.

His leadership expertise includes both business and technology strategy, finance, human resources, project delivery, and client development and relationship management. This includes both his career as a senior corporate executive (Maui Jim, The Iona Group, Float Mobile) and senior consultant (major clients including Accenture, Boeing, Intel, Microsoft, Nike, Qualcomm, Target, Wiley, and many others). And, of additional note, is his 15-year career as a university educator and administrator of digital technology departments, programs, and curricula.