Jeannette Neumann


Bloomberg News

Jeannette Neumann is a reporter based in New York for Bloomberg News, where she writes about the business of luxury and personal care. Before moving back to the U.S. at the end of 2021, she had spent nearly a decade as a reporter in Madrid. 

While in Spain, she reported on the country’s economy and the European Central Bank for Bloomberg News for nearly three years. She contributed frequently to Bloomberg podcasts, taking listeners to the former coal-mining towns of Asturias and the empty streets of locked-down Madrid, among other places, to illuminate Europe’s most pressing economic issues.

Prior to that, she worked for The Wall Street Journal, where she reported on Spain and Portugal. Jeannette wrote about topics including the independence movement in the Catalonia region and major Spanish companies such as Zara owner Inditex SA and Banco Santander SA. Before moving to Madrid, she was a reporter with the Journal in New York, where she covered the U.S. municipal bond market, credit-rating firms and pension funds. 

Jeannette began her career as a journalist in Argentina, where she worked for The Associated Press and The Buenos Aires Herald, a local, English-language newspaper. The Iowa native studied at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.