Janie Yu


LFX Venture Partners

Janie Yu is a founding partner at LFX Venture Partners. Formerly known as Fung Capital, LFX Venture Partners has been focusing on investing in global supply chain, logistics and commerce for the past 15 years. Janie and her team leverage their domain knowledge and an extensive network of industry partners, such as Fung Group, GLP and JD, to make educated investments and help make our companies winners in their markets. 

The fund’s mission is to help build a more efficient and sustainable global supply chain through investing in disruptive technologies and innovative business models. Current portfolio companies include Shippeo, GoFreight, Rippey.ai and Flamingo. Past investments include Celect, Centric, Narvar, GTNexus, ecVision, to name a few. 

Prior to becoming an investor, Janie was with Burt’s Bees, focusing on driving international growth, where she gained the appreciation and foundational knowledgeable on how technology could truly drive business growth and the greater good. Before starting her business career, she was a journalist for BBC and PRI’s “The World”, reporting in China.  

Janie obtained her M.A. degree from Harvard University, where she received the prestigious Fung Fellowship, sponsored by the Victor and William Fung Foundation. Janie grew up in China and received her B.A. in journalism from Communications University of China, graduating with first-class honor.